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Jesus Teaches in the Temple

The Court of the Women

You are now inside the Temple courts. You might hear the singing of a Levite choir, the clinking of coins in the Treasury, or the braying of animals led to sacrifice.

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The outer courtyard, called the Court of the Gentiles, was accessible to all. Further inside, however, was a latticed barrier, made of stone, prohibiting non-Jews and non-purified or blemished Jews from going beyond this boundary.

Having passed this barrier, the Temple and the courtyard in front of the Temple, the Court of the Women, also called the Treasury, came into view. Most people, however, would go straight to the Court of Women. It was called by that name, as that was as far as women were allowed to go. Jesus did most of His teaching in this courtyard. Beyond this point, only priests were allowed to enter.

The Court of the Women, or Treasury, was the Court of the Israelites.